lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Huawei MTK SP FlashTools Firmware Collection

(1) G520-T10-V100R001CHNC01B318_SP Flash Firmwarew >>> Download
(2) Y511-U30 Sp Flash Firmware >>> Download
(3) Huawei G700-U00 Flash Tool Firmware >>> Download
(4) Y535-COO Root Firmware >>> Download
(5) Y325-T00_Flash_Tool_OK firmware >>> Download
(6) huawei g610U00 black screen error solution.rar Sp Firmware >>> Download
(7) Y310-5000 PAC Firmware >>> Download
(8) Y310S(Y310-T10) ROOT+MIUI ROMS >>> Download (pass)>>>
(9) Y310S Y310-T10 B026 Ready ROOTED Firmware >>> Download
(10) Y320-U01 Flashtool Firmware >>> Download
(11) Y500-TOO Pac Firmware >>> Download
(12) Y618-T00 Flashtool Firmware >>> Download
(13) HUAWEI-Y511-T00 flashtool Firmware >>> Download
(14) HUAWEI_Y511-U00_XSJZB_ydss_by_ZX Flashtools Firmware >>> Download ( Password - mobilehouse )
(15) Y600_u00_flashtool_full_flashFirmware >>> Download
(16) Y220Tpac flash Firmware >>> Download
(17)Huawei T8951 Dead Fixed Error and official firmware using flash tool >>> Download
(18) T8833 Flashtool Firmware >>> Download
(19) t8950 dead fixed flashtool >>> Download
(20) T8830pro SP Flashtool Firmwar >>> Download
(21) SP Flash Firmware T8951 >>> Download
(22) HUAWEI-G610-U20_V100R001C00B110(for_FlashTool) Firmware >>> Download
(23) Huawei G700 Flash Tool Firmware >>> Download
(24) Huawei Y600 Flashtool Firmware without invalid imei >>> Download
(25) Huawei Ascend G520-0000 Flash tool Firmware >>> Download
(26) G730-U00 Flash Tool Firmware >>> Download
(27) Huawei t8950 full save brick firmware >>> Download
(28) Huawei U9200 Firmware 1 Click Installer >>> Download
(29) Honor 3C Clone Firmware >>> Download
(30) Huawei G610-U001 အတြက္ SP Flashtool Firmware >>> Download
(31) Huawai G700-U10 Full >>> Download
(32) G510-T10 b138 to save brick SpFlash firmware>>> Download
(33) G520-5000 SP Flash Tool Firmware >>> Download
(34) Huawei y325 Too flashtool firmware (ျမန္မာစာ) >>> Download
(35) G610 U15 LA_116 Flash tool Firmware >>> Download
(36) Huawei G610S-U00129 FlashFools Firmware >>> Download
(37) Huawei G700-T00-B124 SP Flashtools Firmware >>> Download

How To Flash Stock / Custom Recovery Using SP Flash Tool

Having problems with flashing recoveries on your device? Android users like you might get some interest on today's article. As most of us, android users, who wants to tweak their phones, we can say that the mostly-used region when applying modifications is the recovery partition. But what if you can't get your recovery installed in your device? That's the question that we will going to find a solution.

Flashing a recovery is easier with the use of apps such as Mobile Uncle Tools, Rashr Recovery Tools, and other utility apps, also, we can perform image flashing through ADB or through terminal emulator but for Mediatek, there is one method which supposed to be the best method of flashing images but somehow quite took for granted, through SP Flash Tool is the method I am talking about. Some apps might not work in an MTK device, but with Mediatek's very own SP Flash Tool, it works like a charm!

Below is the complete guide how to flash a stock or  a custom recovery for any Mediatek device, but though from that fact, you must provide the proper image to be flashed to your device or else it will mess it up. We made up all the steps to make it easier for you to do this successfully. All you need is focus and a little brain.

How To Flash Stock/Custom Recovery Using SP Flash Tool

Only follow the steps provided. Applying the procedure means you are fully responsible for the possible outcome of your device. If you are confused, read the steps again, if you hesitate, do enough research.

Things you need:

  • PC/Laptop running Windows
  • MTK-based device: MT6595, MT6592, MT6589, MT6582, MT6577, MT6575, MT6572, MT6573
  • Scatter File for your MTK device
  • SP Flash Tool - Get it here (latest version)
  • Drivers - Download here
  • USB Cable

Download and install the Drivers (click the Install bat file and wait for it to finish the installation so don't close it). Create your own scatter file if you don't have one, it differs from each MTK device. Download and extract SP Flash Tool. Finally the recovery (stock or custom/CWM/TWRP) which is made for your device (make sure it is named as recovery only not cwm_recovery, etc.), don't flash recovery that is not made for your device.


1. Open SP Flash Tools and click Scatter Loading, now select the scatter file of your device.

2. Make sure all boxes are NOT checked, if there's a check, remove it by clicking the check.

3. Now, click RECOVERY from the list. A new window will appear, find the recovery image that you want to flash or install and click Open.
4. It will now look like the image above. The RECOVERY is the ONLY one checked
on the list and you can see the location of the recovery image that you are going to flash.

5. TURN OFF your android phone. When it is already off, click the Download button on the SP Flash Tool, then click Yes. After that, connect your switched-OFF phone to your computer using USB Cable.

6. The tool will detect your phone and flash the recovery, if your computer can't detect your phone, re-install the Drivers that I have provided. Wait until a prompt with green circle will appear, that means the flashing is done successfully.

Congrats! You are done flashing the stock/custom recovery for your MTK-based device.